Mastering Vegan Cooking

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These courses will be available on October 29th


Few professional chefs dedicate their efforts to developing the foundations of plant-based cuisine. Among them, even fewer offer training in 2- and 3-Michelin star restaurants, or teach plant-based cooking at some of the world’s best hospitality schools. Chef Alex Pirla, better known as Prabhu Sukh, does all this valuable work and more. Today for Aurea, he presents the fundamentals for mastering vegan cuisine, divided into 3 essential courses: Vegetables, Plant-based Proteins, and Cereals.


These courses cover the essentials of plant-based cuisine, in topics ranging from knife skills, cooking methods and their applications, learning the nutritional profiles of ingredients and perfecting the technique for cooking pulses. Chef also examines what happens, from both a physical and chemical point of view, when we submit ingredients to different environments (acidic, salty, various temperatures). More importantly, you will learn how what we do in our kitchens affects the planet (our water and carbon footprint), animals, and our health.


Whether you are seeking to make a change in your diet or are keen to take your cooking to another level, or even if you are a professional looking to expand the techniques you already possess, these courses and more than 35 recipes will give you the knowledge and tools to reach your goals and master a 100 % vegan cuisine that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

180 days
Rewarded after course completion
Instructor-led course at your own pace

These 3 independent courses will be available October 29th. Upon enrollment, you will have 6 months of access to the platform and content of the course. For the first 3 months, you will also have optional instructor feedback through assignments and messages. If you complete and pass all the assignments during that time, you’ll earn our Certificate of Completion.



Mastering vegetables is essential to getting the most out of plant-based cooking. From learning how to make a clear or a dark broth, to preparing such innovative recipes as a delicate Beetroot Tartar or an impressive Chinese Cabbage Steak, in this course you will explore the fundamental concepts that make all the difference: from deciding on the right and perfectly executed cut, to choosing the right cooking technique based on your objective, or understanding the energy that governs each vegetable.
You will learn to put this knowledge to practical use, so that you can take your vegan cuisine to the next level.

Plant-based Proteins

Cooking legumes perfectly is a challenge even in world-renowned restaurants. In this course, you will learn what amino acids are and how they affect our body; you will also come to understand the environmental impact of vegetable proteins compared to those of animal origin, all through delectable recipes such as an original Chickpea Ceviche, a fresh Tempeh Salad with Pears in Escabeche or the surprising Textures of Carob Bean dish, along with 12 more incredible gourmet proposals. A complete course that delves into acid precipitation, Maillard reactions, and the specific culinary techniques that will enable you to master the world of plant-based proteins.


Cereals and pseudocereals are incredibly versatile, and in this course you will delve into each type to better understand them through such delicious recipes as the creamiest Pumpkin & Wild Mushroom Risotto, a show-stopping Asparagus Paella, or comforting Millet “Meatballs.” More than a dozen healthy and vegan recipes allow you to explore how cereals behave both in cooking and cooling. You will develop the skills to take advantage of each cereal’s specific qualities and so make the most of them in your cooking.


These are just some examples of recipes that you will learn in these courses:


Eggplant softened in a steam oven, marinated in a delicious citrus sauce, and accompanied by blanched vegetables and candied cherry tomatoes. Steaming, blanching, and confiting are some of the techniques that you will tackle in this wonderful dish made using only healthy and seasonal ingredients.


Two recipes in one are found in these mouthwatering croquettes that are served accompanied by a creamy and light vegan mayonnaise. Using the vegetable protein of your choice, you will learn how eggless batter works just perfectly, and how to master deep frying to achieve an ideally golden and crispy layer on the outside, with a fat-free and deliciously juicy interior.



Once you are familiar with the technique for making nigiri and makis, the combinations are virtually endless: vegetables, greens, mushrooms, avocado, nuts... the sky’s the limit. As soon as you grasp how to properly cook Japanese sushi rice, your sushi will rival most traditional examples. Roasted pumpkin adds a pop of color to a dish free from animal suffering — a dish so tasty you’ll want to make it again and again.



Prabhu Sukh

Better known as Prabhu Sukh, Alex Pirla has been in professional cooking for 20 years: from washing pans to sous-chef of a Michelin star restaurant, as well as consultant, executive chef, trainer (Basque Culinary Center, Hoffman…), entrepreneur and author (“Vegan Gourmet”, Urano), he has seen it all. His focus on developing the structural bases of plant-based food makes him an international reference in vegan cuisine, as well as a strong advocate of all food that contributes to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Marta Toledo

Born in Barcelona, Marta studied English Philology but soon realized that food was her true passion. She pursued a double degree in Cooking and Pastry at ESHOB, and while studying she changed her lifestyle towards a more clean and plant-based diet. Since she met chef Prabhu Sukh, they’ve worked together at events, yoga retreats, for consulting services, magazine articles, courses, and more, spreading the message that a more compassionate and delicious food is possible.
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