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Classics RAW-Invented: Traditional Treats with a Raw, Healthy, Vegan Twist!


Everyone loves a classic dessert. We took inspiration from some popular favorites and put a healthy spin on tradition, with new ingredients and techniques. Check out these healthier - but still satisfying! - alternatives. 


From childhood treats to grandmother’s special sweets, we looked at classic recipes like tiramisu. We analyzed some of the world’s most famous desserts - the ones found on menus around the globe - and figured out how to make modern, guilt-free versions to suit anyone’s sweet tooth.


Discover our Revisited Classic Desserts - Delicious, satisfying treats free from gluten, eggs, dairy, and refined sugars. And what’s more... they’re all RAW!

180 days
Rewarded after course completion
Instructor-led course at your own pace



Lore Salas

With a background in civil engineering, Lore moved from Barcelona to the US and decided to pursue her true passion: food. She graduated as a Baking & Pastry Chef and later on joined Matthew Kenney Culinary where she became a Raw Chef. By that time, she started sharing her recipes and knowledge on Instagram @datesandavocados. That led to the publication of her first book “Dulce sin Culpa” (“Sinless Sweets”) with Penguin Random House Spain. Lore’s core mission is to spread awareness about how plant-based food can fix our food system, reduce the impact on the environment and lead us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Carolina Chinea

Born in Tenerife, Carolina has always been passionate about the arts and food. She has worked extensively in different areas of the arts and cultural events management, designing and running workshops on different subjects including photography, graphic design, art, marketing, and many more. Starting her career in Art History, this artistic flare carries through her life and work in food design and culinary projects. She specializes in plant-based food cuisine, consultancy, food experiences, product development, workshops, chef training, and creative concepts, all rooted in food expression with nature as a core.
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