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Chocolate is a passion. Those who really love it know they just can’t live without it. But too often we let our passion tempt us into buying snacks we know are not just unhealthy, but also bad for the planet. In this course, Lore Salas will teach you everything you need to know to create your own chocolate confections, with no processed ingredients: just natural, wholesome foods free from dairy, gluten and refined sugars


Since receiving her diploma as a pastry chef, Lore Salas has shared her recipes on Instagram @datesandavocados. Although she has acquired a large following, generating awareness about plant-based food is just one part of the equation. Now Lore is launching her first online course to teach you the fundamentals and get you on the path to mastering plant-based chocolate confections


You will discover the origins and benefits of this ancient fruit as well as the secrets and tips of the best chocolate makers. You will learn all the necessary basics so that you can go further on your own, be adventurous and “paint” your chocolate or decorate it with edible gold if you like. From fudges and truffles to tempered chocolate and the fluffiest mousse, follow Lore and start your own journey to become a true chocolatier!

180 days
Rewarded after course completion
Instructor-led course at your own pace

You set the pace. As a reference, the course can be finished in 20 days with 3 hours of daily dedication. However, in order to learn without having to rush through the material, you'll have 3 months of access, which is plenty of time to process the content of the course while enjoying your time.



Welcome to Aurea! Here are the fundamental tools and all the basic ingredients you will need in this course to make all kinds of chocolate confections successfully.


Time to get organized! Good planning in the kitchen is essential for success! Find your daily check-list, conversion chart, glossary, allergen iconography and all the

tools you need to start the course.


Why did my mixture separate? Why isn’t my chocolate bar crunchy? We offer you solutions to the most common problems so that you can avoid them and get the best results possible!


Natural sweeteners, superfoods, essential oils… Get to know all ingredients in your pantry and how to incorporate flavors into your creations by learning the basics of flavor, texture and temperature balance and pairing.


Introduction to the sweet world of chocolate! Discover its origins, types and benefits and the difference between raw and regular chocolate. Start satisfying your chocolate craving with delicious and healthy recipes!


Begin this journey with easy confections that don’t require tempering and discover the infinite combinations with these simple, but amazing truffles!


In this lesson you will learn to temper from scratch your own vegan dark, milk and white chocolate. You will master this essential technique and your confections will have a beautiful snap and glossiness.


Bars, truffles, bonbons... the possibilities are infinite! Get ready to turn into an authentic chocolatier by practicing all the knowledge you acquired in the previous lesson!


Glazings, ganaches, natural colorings... We show you a few tricks to turn your chocolates into gourmet decorations!


Congratulations! You’ve made it so far and now it’s time to put your skills and knowledge to test and show us everything you’ve learned in this course. Get creative and surprise us!


These are just some examples of the recipes you'll learn. The course features plant-based, gluten, and refined sugar-free recipes: from basic ones like plant-based milk and nut butter to fudges, brownies, bonbons, mousse, pralines, truffles, bars, techniques like white, milk and dark chocolate tempering, and much more!


Rich, silky, luscious and highly addictive! These decadent truffles are filled with a delicate and creamy ganache and covered with a fine and crunchy layer of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. You won’t be able to only have one!


Colorful, fresh and with subtle citrus notes, these exquisite truffles are made with matcha, the most recognized Japanese tea thanks to its multiple health benefits. Unlike other chocolate truffles, these small delicatessens won’t leave anyone indifferent!


From classic flavors such as mocha or salted caramel to exotics fillings like garam masala or saffron, learn in this course all the secrets and techniques that will allow you to create delicious and surprising bonbons!



Lore Salas

With a background in civil engineering, Lore moved from Barcelona to the US and decided to pursue her true passion: food. She graduated as a Baking & Pastry Chef and later on joined Matthew Kenney Culinary where she became a Raw Chef. By that time, she started sharing her recipes and knowledge on Instagram @datesandavocados. That led to the publication of her first book “Dulce sin Culpa” (“Sinless Sweets”) with Penguin Random House Spain. Lore’s core mission is to spread awareness about how plant-based food can fix our food system, reduce the impact on the environment and lead us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

What our students say…

Jezebel Arnoldi

The whole course is beautifully structured and designed, it's the most amazing learning experience I ever had. All of the recipes are amazing and the knowledge provided is really valuable and extensive. I would recommend this course for anyone who's interested in learning more about making their own healthy chocolate confections.

Diana Marcela Castellanos

This course exceeded my expectations. The diversity of recipes and techniques learned create a solid ground to keep experimenting in chocolate confection making. Lore's personalized interaction makes it easy to succeed! I totally recommend it.

Stephanie Katz

This is an amazing course for anyone that chooses to enrich and deepen their knowledge in plant-based, unrefined chocolate making. I’m excited as I will definitely be signing up for future courses! Lore and her team are the best!

Fawni Spottswood

Take it! You will love it and will love all the recipes. Lore is great! Very talented and is a perfectionist in what she does. And she gives great online feedback and is very kind and supportive!


Whether you are new or experienced wanting to refine your skills, this course will provide you with the knowledge and easy to follow steps [...] The ingredients used are plant-based and without refined sweeteners, making it a healthy and nutritious sweet/dessert/snack. The instructor is there to help you and give more information/advise to you, making the journey of learning more fun and inspiring you to be creative. This is a very recommended course!

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