Aquafaba Desserts

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Aquafaba is the magical ingredient that helps us achieve a fluffy, airy consistency in all sorts of gluten-free and vegan desserts. What is aquafaba? Literally, “bean water”: the liquid in which pulses such as chickpeas have been cooked or stored. A natural egg substitute, aquafaba can be whipped into stiff peaks without the addition of sugar or stabilizer (and without any odd chickpea taste). All you need is an electric hand mixer - and the proper technique.

In this course you will learn how to master the preparation and use of aquafaba, while practicing with some delicious vegan, gluten-free recipes. You’ll make airy mousses, tiramisu, cakes and cupcakes, cookies and much more! Better yet, no one will ever suspect that your delectable desserts contain no gluten - and no eggs!

180 days
Rewarded after course completion
Instructor-led course at your own pace



Lore Salas

With a background in civil engineering, Lore moved from Barcelona to the US and decided to pursue her true passion: food. She graduated as a Baking & Pastry Chef and later on joined Matthew Kenney Culinary where she became a Raw Chef. By that time, she started sharing her recipes and knowledge on Instagram @datesandavocados. That led to the publication of her first book “Dulce sin Culpa” (“Sinless Sweets”) with Penguin Random House Spain. Lore’s core mission is to spread awareness about how plant-based food can fix our food system, reduce the impact on the environment and lead us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
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