Plant-based Food: A Force for Change

Blending tradition and state-of-the-art cuisine, we believe in food that is healthy, beautiful, delicious and conscious of the planet.   




Plant-based and conscious, we are committed to sharing the fundamentals of healthy cooking, based on organic and cruelty-free ingredients so you can create your own balanced and sustainable recipes from scratch.


Do you want to improve your culinary skills? Or maybe grow at the professional level? Our courses are adapted to all levels and you'll learn the skills needed to achieve your goals, both personal and professional, from anywhere in the world.

Sectio Aurea

Nature expresses herself in numbers, spirals, distributions among plants, leaves, seeds and animals. These patterns are also present in Music, Architecture, Painting and other forms of Art, where the Golden Ratio is often found. The idea behind finding the perfect harmony expressed in numbers, inspired us to use AUREA (latin for gold) as the school's name, as it calls for balance, the appropriate ratio of ingredients, processes, and patterns to achieve optimal results, as close to Nature as possible.

Meet the team

We are very different, but connected by our obsession with food, health, and sustainability.



Lore Salas

With a background in civil engineering, Lore moved from Barcelona to the US and decided to pursue her true passion: food. She graduated as a Baking & Pastry Chef and later on joined Matthew Kenney Culinary where she became a Raw Chef. By that time, she started sharing her recipes and knowledge on Instagram @datesandavocados. That led to the publication of her first book “Dulce sin Culpa” (“Sinless Sweets”) with Penguin Random House Spain. Lore’s core mission is to spread awareness about how plant-based food can fix our food system, reduce the impact on the environment and lead us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Raul Rodriguez

As an elite athlete, Raul has had the opportunity of developing his professional career in countries as different as Spain, China, the United States or Kuwait. Both his experience in high-performance collective sports and his personal passion for veganism and sustainable food, have inspired him to coordinate a diverse team of international chefs and artists in the creation and day to day operation of a project like Aurea. The goal is clear: spreading awareness among individuals and organizations about plant-based food as the most sustainable and necessary alternative for the planet.

Carolina Chinea

Born in Tenerife, Carolina has always been passionate about the arts and food. She has worked extensively in different areas of the arts and cultural events management, designing and running workshops on different subjects including photography, graphic design, art, marketing, and many more. Starting her career in Art History, this artistic flare carries through her life and work in food design and culinary projects. She specializes in plant-based food cuisine, consultancy, food experiences, product development, workshops, chef training, and creative concepts, all rooted in food expression with nature as a core.

Prabhu Sukh

Better known as Prabhu Sukh, Alex Pirla has been in professional cooking for 20 years: from washing pans to sous-chef of a Michelin star restaurant, as well as consultant, executive chef, trainer (Basque Culinary Center, Hoffman…), entrepreneur and author (“Vegan Gourmet”, Urano), he has seen it all. His focus on developing the structural bases of plant-based food makes him an international reference in vegan cuisine, as well as a strong advocate of all food that contributes to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Marta Toledo

Born in Barcelona, Marta studied English Philology but soon realized that food was her true passion. She pursued a double degree in Cooking and Pastry at ESHOB, and while studying she changed her lifestyle towards a more clean and plant-based diet. Since she met chef Prabhu Sukh, they’ve worked together at events, yoga retreats, for consulting services, magazine articles, courses, and more, spreading the message that a more compassionate and delicious food is possible.

Why a plant-based cooking school?

There are two main reasons why I decided to commit to this project, and I'd love to share them with you:

First, I've been very fortunate to find incredible teachers all my life. They ignited curiosity in me and invited me to explore different approaches and solutions by myself, even if that meant breaking some rules in the process. That's something I've wanted Aurea to represent from the very beginning: we don't pretend to be a school that teaches you how to recreate recipes, rather, we aspire to help you explore and expand your inner creativity.

The second reason is that I believe plant-based food has the potential to effect major change in the world. Sharing our knowledge as chefs, empowering individuals and organizations to eat more naturally and avoid the processed and artificial foods of our currently unsustainable food chain: this is not just our passion - it is our responsibility.


Lore Salas,
Aurea Co-Founder & CEO

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